Welcome To Nudism Malaysia

We are a bunch of nudists from Malaysia (and Singapore) who found each other online and decided to form a society of sorts to spread and encourage the concept of being clothes-free and to assure other Malaysian and Singaporean nudists that “Yes, there are others like you who enjoy being nude”.

Therefore, first and foremost, we would like to welcome you to our site.

Before we go any further, as reminder, if you’re looking for porn or anything sexually explicit in nature, then you’ve clearly entered the wrong site.

This site is dedicated to publishing, promoting, educating and showcasing nudism in Malaysia — to Malaysians as well as to the international public.

Being located in Malaysia, we would like to clearly state that our intentions and purpose of setting up this site is not to promote indecent or immoral activities among Malaysians, especially its youth.

It is more towards promoting and educating Malaysians/Singaporeans, regardless of age, race, religion, and gender on a healthy alternative to nude recreation, socializing, and the overall lifestyle.

The articles posted on this site are presented in 2 different languages, whenever applicable, Bahasa Malaysia and English. This is to cater to the understanding of all readers and visitors in Malaysia and internationally.

Let’s share the clothes-free lifestyle.